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Rosser & Terrier can provide experienced supportive consultants who can offer training, mentoring and conflict resolution.

Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict in your company can start between 2 or more individuals, as a very slight difference of opinion or unfortunate remark and escalate into a full blown disagreement where all normal relationships break down; people are unable to work together, staff become sick and stay away from work with stress and whole departments start to malfunction.This can happen in a relatively short period of time!

A survey by The American Management Association indicated that senior and middle managers spent 24% of their time resolving conflicts which is a very large and expensive amount of their time.

A good manager who is well trained, concerned about their staff’s wellbeing, and sufficiently watchfulto spot a disagreement can act quickly to diffuse the situation at the very early stages before conflict really develops.

We can offer specific training for Line Managers - contact:

Our experienced staff can provide a mentoring service to support your Line Managers and help them to resolve the conflict.

If a serious dispute has developed the consequences for the staff involved, their colleagues, management and the organisation can be very far reaching. Possible outcomes are:

·Many staff stressed and away sick

·One of the staff may resign which will cause them to lose their job and the organisation to have recruitment and training costs.

·The dispute could go to an Industrial Tribunal incurring a great deal of expense and publicity to both parties.

·An external mediator can be brought in to settle the dispute.

OurMediators can work with the disputants to come up with a win win resolution. They come in without any preconceived ideas and will look objectively at organisational and personal issues.The parties are likely to accept that the mediator is omni-partial (on both sides).

At this time of economic uncertainty and the effects of the recession there has never been a more important time to cut the costs caused by conflict and thereby increase the Company’s profits!

Take the first steps to resolve conflict today - contact resolution@rosserand 

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